Lake Carroll

About Us

It is exciting to finally launch this new website that has been in the making for a number of years. This site is privately owned and operates independently from the property owners association of Lake Carroll. This site is not intended to compete with any forms of media created by the property owners association but to add something to the community.

The site was created after having experienced the amazing secret of Lake Carroll. My wife and I discovered Lake Carroll many years ago accidentally when driving west to see the great sites that Northwest Illinois has to offer. Our children have fallen in love with Lake Carroll and the endless fun that this four-season community offers. We have truly found fun in every season at Lake Carroll.

When we decided to purchase property at Lake Carroll we were concerned as to why such an exciting lake still seemed undiscovered. We had a difficult time "sizing up" the community. We found it challenging to get our arms around the choices in real estate and the amenities that existed at Lake Carroll. There was so much to learn about Lake Carroll but no one place to find that information. The more we learned about Lake Carroll the more we became passionate about it. We have since brought many friends and family and continue to promote the community.

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