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Mike Davison (04/27/2010 06:23 PM)
Come see what Oak Run has to offer for a great time at a great lake.

Jerry Spikes (04/13/2010 03:40 PM)
I wrote/recorded a jingle for Lake Carroll in the late '70s/ early '80s. Wondering if you still use it, and how I might get a copy? Lost all my tapes in a recent fire. Thanx.

esther Dadula (03/17/2010 09:12 AM)
My would be employer, Vinnet agrawal comes from Lake Carrol. Perhaps a little bit of information from you can improve my idea of the place.

Joe and Kim Vranicar (12/21/2008 02:07 PM)
Uhmm you can improve by just adding more stuff! otherwise it is really good guess

Ben from Chicago (12/22/2007 12:15 AM)
Thinking of purchasing land to build a vacation home on later. Like to water ski and snow ski with family of 5. Is this a good location?

Tim and Cathy Gaar (09/29/2006 07:48 PM)
Hello from Montana. My husbands grandparents owned a bit of this land you call Lake Carrol, Ned and Betty Dollinger. Ned passed away today and I wanted to tell everyone he was a great person and I am glad my husband was raised by him and that I got a chance to know him. Bye Grandpa Ned. You will be missed but not forgotten. Love, Cathy

(03/21/2006 08:48 AM)

GKeenan (11/14/2005 08:02 PM)
Well, go to the real estate section

visitor (10/17/2005 08:36 PM)
I'm an old fisherman who always wanted some property by the water where I can catch some fish and relax. I would love to know more about the condition of the lake.. fish info...water quality.. etc Please post more info Thank-you

TKeenan (08/23/2005 09:18 AM)
What do you mean

Browning (08/22/2005 11:40 PM)
It would be nice if you get the real estate links up and working...

iluvlakecarroll (08/07/2005 07:26 PM)
Have you been to the beach lately? I took two small children, ages 3 and 6 and had an absolutely delightful time. There is LOTS of sand, nice lounges to sit on and a wonderful covered pavilion to have a picnic. Plus they enjoyed playing on the playground equipment when they weren't in the water or making sand castles. If your children or grandchildren enjoy a beach, be sure to take them to ours. What a treat!!

Jacobsons (02/07/2005 08:50 PM)
We enjoy browsing the website. There seems to be controversy already. The paper is owned by the association,so of course they will do what the board directs them to do and that probably entails a certain amount of censorship. Your website seems to be owned privately,so that is a whole different ball of wax. If you want the comments to be positive, then that is your right. We found it hard to believe that the association purposely did not print an ad you tried to run. Shouldn't they be encouraging all PAID ads? Isn't that in the best interest of all of the property owners? Will your ad policy be the same? Or will you let anyone advertise on your website if they pony up the money? It will be interesting to watch!

tkeenan (01/31/2005 12:04 PM)
You must be very familiar with this situation and a regular viewer of I think you may be correct and we will more than likely make a change as to how messages are posted by requiring a valid name and email address in the future. However, censorship to the members paper is not the answer. Removing an ad that this website placed in April of '04 from the LC News prior to knowing anything about the content and without even making a phone call to find the facts is an abuse of power. We have, therefore, adopted a reciprical ad policy. But we will not censor topics important to LC unless they are negative and unconstructive. remains positive despite the continued censorship. We had our biggest month ever in January and well over 3000 unique visitors this month in only the fourth month of operation. In the first four months over 200,000 hits to this site with positive emails rolling in. No significant advertising has been performed yet- WOW!!!

Bob from Freeport (01/30/2005 09:37 PM)
I saw a message regarding the Lake Carroll Property Owners Association website is now gone. Guess your editorial policy is no better than theirs. Why would you delete their link? Also kind of odd that anyone can post with complete anonymity and therefore not be responsible for being accurate. Kind of irresponsible.

Fischer-man 12 (01/29/2005 12:36 PM)
Can't wait toclose on our lot at Lake Carroll~ Looks like lots of friendly folks and some great muskie to be had! Thanks to and Teresa Keenan, our new Realtor there, we have recieved most of the info we needed to make a great investment in our future! Great spot for one stop shopping here~

Susan (01/28/2005 07:56 PM)
Isn't it nice that this site provides a forum to communicate all of the facts. Viewers have a choice to go to the web site that they prefer. This site appears to be the official site of Lake Carroll with a domain name like This site is easy to navigate and has the information I am more interested in.

freewheelin (01/16/2005 12:25 PM)
Your website is going to be so much more convenient that the paper from the Association. Half the time I am at my office when I need info from that paper. Now I can just log on and hopefully get the same info from you. The name of your website is obviously VERY easy to remember. Keep up the good work!

Lori Carroll (01/01/2005 01:18 PM)
What a nice site!!! Easy to use...great way to keep up to date on all the Lake Carroll activities.

Lake Carroll Board Member (12/14/2004 11:14 PM)
Great site- love your map! Should bring lots more interest to the Lake. Sorry we couldn't allow you to advertise in the Lake Carroll paper(conflict of interest, etc) .....keep up the great work and maybe we can revisit our thinking in the future!

MT Promises (12/07/2004 07:17 PM)
Nice comment from Mr. Hauseman who wouldn't seem to be a property owner at Lake Carroll.

Kurt Hauseman (11/30/2004 06:11 PM)
What a great way to feature Lake Carroll. I'm surprised it has taken so long for someone to create such a user friendly site for homeowners and the community to come together.

Doug Climenhaga (11/17/2004 12:22 PM)
Nice site. I needed the phone number to Miller's Marina so I could call them about a boat cover. Keep up the good work, I am sure other people will find your site helpful.

GKeenan (11/09/2004 06:03 PM)
I like this site because Lake Carroll. KEEP FISHING!!!!!

Administrator (10/27/2004 03:40 PM)
Welcome to, feel free to leave comments about the web site.

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