Lake Carroll

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jmajor (11/10/2016 08:33 AM)
Here are some reasons why Lodge project should be altered or rejected at this time. 1. Actual cost has not been calculated/researched/guaranteed 2. Mismatch of financing proposed using short term financing for a long lived asset. This is part of cause of recent financial crisis. 3. No plan to retire or payoff the cost of the project 4. No mechanism to hedge the increase in interest rate over the life of the project. 5. No consideration of alternative uses of the limited resources used to pay for the cost of the lodge. This expenditure will Eliminate other future funds needs that may arise. 6. No clarification of why this additional space is needed. Any of these reasons are sufficient to deny the expenditure at this time.

happyman (06/08/2006 02:42 PM)
Those who say, dont know. Those who know, wont say.

Coffeeman (05/08/2005 07:30 AM)
Lake Carroll belong to them exclusively.

Coffeeman (05/08/2005 07:28 AM)
The position the Lake Carroll Association to control information. Controling information is POWER. It has always been the policy of some of the small minded people on the board of directors to never publish or allow to be public information that might be detrimental or critical of the Lake Carroll Association Board Of Directors. Presently their goals are to shut this site and others down. They will be persuing the argument that the words

iluvlakecarroll (02/13/2005 06:36 PM)
What is the procedure for hiring at the POA? I see people with no experience being hired without any type of job posting or notice. With the wealth of talent in this community, wouldn't it be beneficial to all of us to post or advertise open positions? Sometimes I think we are the blind leading the blind.

cravis (12/30/2004 04:10 PM)
I think the site will be great for those land owners who are not on the Lake Carroll property on a regular basis. From time to time after reading the newspaper, I have more questions than answers about what I just read. Not to mention that I would loose my good eyesight trying to make out some of those minutes (so small). I'm sure everyone is curious from time to time about something. It's great that we now have a place to either vent or get answers to those questions.

tkeenan (12/07/2004 04:49 PM)
You should consider making your point here by elaborating with your message. But whatever your issue is please try to be constructive.

Jim (12/07/2004 04:05 PM)
Not all letters to the editor get published. If you want to read what doesn't email me.

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