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Covenants Issue re Leases for Exclusive Use of Dock Space on Common Area Greenways

MJK (08/03/2005 05:54 PM)
All public property is the responabilty and the libilty of all property owners, therefore any dock,structure, etc. on public property should remain public.

truthseeker (07/05/2005 05:44 PM)
Would anyone else like to know why it is in the POA's best interest to have the Board continue its

Meyers (01/06/2005 01:15 AM)
In November we submitted a Letter to the Editor of the Lake Carroll News. The Board President informed us that our letter would not be published because we are involved in litigation. The purpose of the letter was to provide information regarding the diversity of plaintiffs and supporters. They consist of non waterfront and waterfront property owners, full and part time residents, vacant lot owners and home owners, etc. We wanted to assure members that the decision to seek legal recourse was made only as a last resort and that we had exercised our rights as citizens in an order and manner that is considered proper and is provided for in the Association's Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants, Article XI.A, 'each person to whose benefit this Declaration inures...may proceed at law or in equity to prevent the occurrence, continuation or violation of any provisions of this Declaration.'

We look forward to a timely resolution of this issue. We hope that a grievance procedure or advocacy will be developed in the future for any member seeking redress. We hope the right to disagree will always be welcome and the right to seek legal recourse that is provided for in the Covenants will always be honored.

Thank you for providing this web site as an open forum.

Larry and Mercedes Meyers

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