Lake Carroll

Dirt Bike Registration

motopro20 (08/05/2009 01:05 PM)
HaHa. Good one with the runway. With sound restrictions now the motorcycle industry has made dirtbikes quieter than ever! They are no louder than most quads out there. Ive been going to Lake Carroll for over 10 years now and when they decided to ban dirtbikes many people were very upset about it. There is no reason to exclude the people who want to ride on two wheels. Many children love dirtbikes and enjoy riding them much more than quads. I personally feel safer with my kid on two wheels than four. If some dont like the sound of dirtbikes then there is no reason they can't be tested for sound db's just like other places do to keep noise down. I would like to see the regisration of dirtbikes come back to Lake Carroll and so would many other people. If it is noise you are worried about then test the bikes at registration or don't allow older, louder bikes. There are many alternatives to keeping sound down other than to keep people from having the fun they want to have at a place they would like to enjoy.

ilikeitquiet (12/25/2008 08:43 AM)
Try listening to the sound of a dirt bike for even 5 minutes when you're not actually on it! It's one of the most obnoxious sounds around. If they start allowing tons of dirtbikes on the trails, we may as well move to the end of a runway at O'Hare!

Coffeeman (10/22/2006 09:48 AM)

Dnif (08/16/2006 10:37 PM)
I recently purchased a lot and to my surprise there appears to be a ban on dirt bikes on the trails, except for a certain exemption for pre 01 registrants. Aside from my complete lack of understanding as to why it is okay for a quad (4 wheels) on the trails but not okay for a 2 wheel dirt bike; is there a way to buy a registration from one of the grandfathered persons?

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