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Real Estate FAQs

What is the Multiple Listing Service? Also known and referred to as the "MLS”.

My property is listed “for sale” within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but I do not see it on the web site?

What is Broker Reciprocity?

How do I get my property listed “for sale” on this web site?

Why would a real estate office or Broker “opt out” or choose not to participate in this broker reciprocity program?

If my property is “for sale” and listed within the MLS by a Realtor/Broker that does not participate in broker reciprocity and I do not see my property advertised “for sale” on this site can I still advertise my property “for sale” on this site?

If my property is not listed “for sale” within the local MLS by a Realtor/Broker can I advertise my property on this site?

Can I post my property on this site and advertise it for sale without the help of a Realtor. Can I sell it myself?

Is it true that Realtors using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sell most houses and that they usually sell for a higher price?

What are the benefits to listing our property with Stone Tower Properties?

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